Club Kahukura

Club Kahukura Facilitators Caya Divakalala, Tim Bennett and Bex Fraser

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Club Kahukura is a course for adults who are newly questioning their gender or sexuality, or new to Rainbow community – a chance to explore identity from the ground up, with other people who are on a similar journey. It’s a really gentle introduction that lets people figure out their own path, and encourages healthy community relationships.

It is open to people over 18, of all genders and sexualities and facilitators have a range of different Rainbow community belongings.  In the Waikato, we run Club Kahukura through Fraser High School Continuing Education and you can register here.

The course is facilitated by Hohou te Rongo Kahukura trained community facilitators.

  • Divine intervention. This course has helped me deal with a very hard time
  • This course has helped me with a lot of things. Understanding our community of which I still have a lot to learn
  • This course has been amazing. I have learnt so much about myself and I cannot thank you enough. I will definitely miss this group, it has been truly wonderful
  • Thank you thank you thank you. This course has been invaluable and I appreciate our facilitators and classmates hugely
  • I loved the way that the course took an integrated and holistic approach to all the topics we’ve discussed
  • Keep up the really good work. This class is truly great and will/has helped so many thank you!
  • We talked about some scary stuff but I’m really glad we did. It’s so important.
  • This was such an engaging, supportive, collaborative and friendly fun experience and atmosphere, thank you!
Caya, Tim and Bex planning for an upcoming course

Get in touch if you are interested in hosting or facilitating Club Kahukura in your region.