Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura

Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence is dedicated to building Rainbow communities in Aotearoa New Zealand free of partner and sexual violence.

Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura asks us to cultivate peace based on loving and equitable relationships in the Rainbow community through strengthening our own social networks – with partners, other Rainbow people, with our families, whānau and wider communities. Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura invites our communities to respect one another for all that we are, to create a thriving Rainbow community.

Outing Violence encourages us all to name and see all kinds of violence towards Rainbow people as unacceptable. Because of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, Rainbow relationships and experiences of partner violence and sexual violence can be marginalised and not seen as important. It can be hard to name the kinds of ways abusive behavior happens in our relationships.

Outing Violence names partner and sexual violence as a Rainbow community issue, and asks our community to support each other to resist abuse, live without violence and cultivate peace.

People in the Rainbow community are diverse in terms of race/ethnicity, class, generation/age, biological sex, ability, profession, religion, spirituality, geographical location, parental status, and other identities.

We are using Rainbow communities to include all people in Aotearoa New Zealand under the sex, sexuality and gender diversity umbrellas. This includes people who identify as akava’ine, asexual, bisexual, fa’afafine, fakaleiti, FtM, gay, gender fluid, gender-neutral, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, gender variant, hinehi, hinehua, intersex, lesbian, mahu, MtF, non-binary, palopa, pansexual, polysexual, queer, questioning, rae rae, tangata ira tane, takatāpui, 同志 (tongzhi), trans man, trans woman, transfeminine, transgender, transmasculine, transsexual, vaka sa lewa lewa, whakawahine and more!

The first research stage of Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence was funded by It’s Not OK.  Ara Taiohi, the peak body for the youth sector and administrator of the Queer/Trans* Grants acted as fundholder for this work.

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If you want to know more about Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence, get in touch via lovingrainbowlove@gmail.com